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Here are some of the resources you'll find at WorshipRx:


We Also Are Building Resources in These Areas of Ministry:


In our Worship Resources Section, we provide helps for THIS COMING SUNDAY, based on the current Lectionary Year. You'll find something you can use every week... whatever your denomination or tradition. Even if you don't follow the Lectionary, there's something fresh and useable here. Just remember everything is skewed toward traditional worship styles and blended-toward-traditional services.


Everything in WorshipRx.com is immediately down-load-able and ready to use as soon as you need them. Here are a few examples:  


There are already more than...


Plus ...

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Because we archive everything, we basically serve as your filing cabinet for worship resources! You've dreamed of that paperless world? We're here to make that dream come true. No need to keep copies of everything "just in case," filling up shelf space in the music library! Just come back to WorshipRx.com and download it again... at no additional costs to you!


Looking for Something We Don't Have? 

Email us or call us, and we’ll either find it or write it for you. (These services may require a small fee.) We can also direct you to other print resources. 


Need Someone to Do a Commission? 

We will contract with you for an anthem, keyboard arrangement, commemorative hymn (text and/or tune) for a special occasion. Either one of our staff writers will do this (at a discount for subscribers), or we’ll connect you with other writers and composers you might be interested in using. We can also give you some idea how much this might cost you with other composers/ lyricists/ arrangers.



About the Site Manager - R. G. Huff


This web-site was created by and managed by R. G. Huff. A graduate (in art and Religious Studies) of Carson Newman College in Tennessee, R. G. holds a Masters in Church Music from the previously outstanding School of Sacred Music at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. He is a published hymn/text writer and has led worship planning workshops around the country. He also does a mean stand-up routine for banquets and retreats.

Recently semi-retired after 40 years in local church music and worship ministry, R. G. is on the adjunct faculty in the School of Fine Arts at Dallas Baptist University and is THE music professor at Navarro College (Midlothian Campus). He is also the creative director of Waxahachie's Old Fashioned Singing Project, a non-profit to recreate the music of the southern brush-arbor-style singings.

He and his wife Carlita now live in Waxahachie, TX where they have two grown sons, one daughter-in-law and two grandchildren.


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