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Resources for Worship This Coming Sunday

Lectionary-Based and General Worship Planning



Worship Readings

Includes Short Worship Dramas

and Creative Use of Scripture


Church Music Administration

Documents to Help Keep Your Music Ministry

Organized and Running Smoothly

Hymn Treatments

Introductions, Modulations,



Music Ministry Promotion

Ideas to Promote Your Program -


New Hymns

Fresh Texts for Hard-to-Find

Subjects and Themes


Youth & Adult Choir Resources

Helps for Your Rehearsals

Including Hymn-Tune-Based Vocalises

Congregational Songs

New Traditional-Sounding

Worship Songs!


Children's Choir Resources

Under Development

(Only a Few Things Posted So Far)

Classic Excerpts

Abbreviated Familiar Classic Choruses

for Use as Short Worship Pieces


Articles/ Essays

Documents for Thought and

Learning about Worship

Orders of Worship & Worship Ideas

Worship Formats and Suggestions

(Includes Lent, Advent and Other Seasonal Services)



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R. G. Huff



In various documents, you will find support art work; most of these have been taken from the Microsoft Office Clip Art which is available to any of you who have MS software.