On this page, you'll find some familiar classical themes greatly abbreviated and arranged for congregational singing or for short Choral Enhancements for worship. The ones designed for congregation have all been tested on real, live congregations... and they worked! Stick your neck out and try one! Rehearse them with your choir; when they are comfortable with them, spring them on the congregation!

All songs are presented here in pdf format. You may download as many as you want; there is no charge to you per download.


If you have any problems, please notify us; we'll do whatever we can to help you use any of our materials.


[The orchestrations provided are full scores; after opening the file in Finale, you can extract the parts.]


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Pdf Files

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Information about Classic Excerpts

Cherubim Song

Tchaikovsky's chorus abbreviated for short anthem or call to worship

For unto Us

MESSIAH chorus abbreviated for congregational singing


The main themes for unison congregation to sing along with choir; matches G. Schirmer and Watkins-Shaw; ready to print as a bulletin insert.

He Shall Feed

He Shall Feed (Voices)

First section of MESSIAH aria set for unison choir (or congregation)

He Went by a Whirlwind

He Went by a Whirlwind (choral)


The ending of chorus 38 from Mendelssohn's ELIJAH is note for note from the score (with a few cue notes for smaller choirs); it leads into a very short section of "Thanks Be to God" to close out the idea.

How Lovely (score)

How Lovely (choir)

How Lovely (cong parts)

How Lovely (cong accomp)

Chorus from Brahms REQUIEM (main statement) reset for choir (in original key) or congregation (in a lower key)

If with All Your Hearts (accomp)

If with All Your Hearts (cong)

Tenor aria from Mendelssohn's ELIJAH abbreviated and transposed for CONGREGATION


Bach Chorale

O Rest in the Lord (cong)

O Rest in the Lord (accomp)

Alto aria from Mendelssohn's ELIJAH abbreviated for CONGREGATION (or children's choir)

Psalm 150

Psalm 150 (Choral)

Franck chorus abbreviated for short anthem or call to worship


The Gounod classic abbreviated for choir

Optional segue into "Holy, Holy, Holy" with choral fourth stanza

Thanks Be to God


Thanks Be to God SAB

Chorus from ELIJAH abbreviated for choir with optional new text

SAB setting recently added!

The Heavens Are Telling (Choral)

The Heavens Are Telling


The Heavens Are Telling (Choral) SAB

The Heavens Are Telling (full score) SAB

Greatly abbreviated... opening statement only... of this Haydn chorus from THE CREATION for choral call to worship or hymn introduction


SAB setting recently added!



Then Shall Your Light (Choral)

Then Shall Your Light

Final chorus from Mendelssohn's ELIJAH abbreviated with main themes and clsoing "amens"

Worthy Is the Lamb

Worthy Is the Lamb (Choral)

Final chorus from MESSIAH greatly abbreviated for call to worship or short worship piece