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A take off on the "got milk?" campaign, the MOOZIK MINISTRY promotion is a light-hearted approach to enlisting new people for ALL your choirs, asking the question "Got Talent?" The youngest children through the senior adults will smile at this approach.


You'll find several Word Documents [in right side-bar] onto which you can add your own information and print them out... and use them today!


To carry this program out, start looking for anything that highlights Holstein cows; you'll be surprised how many cow things there are out there, especially in crafts stores and toy stores.


Here are a few suggestions:

  • Go to a cloth store and buy enough cow-design cloth for a table cover (about 3 yards for a six foot table); I bought the faux fur cow-hide (!) that people cover their truck seats with!! The sales lady actually said, "Coverin' yer truck seats?" She obviously didn't know me! Cover a table in a high-traffic area of your church and display your promotional materials.

  • Go to or for LOTS of cow items... and ideas!!!

  • Find an inflatable cow... or several... to display around the church; hang a sign around its neck that says "Got Talent?" Once your campaign has caught on, simply the sight of a cow will remind folks it's about the Moozik Ministry.

  • If you keep an attendance chart for your choir (especially children), use cow stickers instead of stars or notes. (Attendance Chart)

  • Take your group(s) for ice cream, especially if they have cows as part of their promotion (Ben & Jerry's works great). OR purchase gift certificates from an ice cream parlor and put your own promotion sticker on the back; give those out as a "treat" at the end of one rehearsal.

  • Rent a cow costume (be careful with the udders on some of them!) and have the cow visit Sunday School classes to distribute your promotional pieces. Or have the cow greet people at the entrance to the educational building one Sunday morning or Wednesday evening.

  • Buy a case of Milk Duds and attach your promotion sticker to one side; give these out as a promotion or as a "treat" at the end of rehearsals... even for adults, by the way! If you can find the small boxes (like for Halloween treats), you can hand these out to everybody one Sunday or Wednesday.

  • Think of ways to use the "MOO" theme in your newsletter articles, etc. For instance, "Moove into the Choir Room," "In the Mooood for Some Good Music?" "You may find this amoozing..." You'll find other people in the church will give you more ideas for these... ad nauseum, actually!

  • Some cities have done the Cows on Parade thing the past few years (Chicago, Kansas City, etc.), and you will find miniatures of these cows in many gift shops... they are not, by the way, cheap! However, they make nice gifts for people related to the Moozik Ministry... volunteers, etc. My favorite (given to me, actually) is Moozart! Keep an eye out for those and other "nicer" cows.

  • Cow stuffed animals are rampant! Purchase a few of those for promotional items and for give-aways.

  • Gateway computers promotional items work because they use the black and white cow spots on all their stuff! They will sell you mugs, etc. When we first did this promotion, Gateway loaned us about 12 computer boxes which we stacked as part of our display! That was when they had local stores; but you might find some people who would loan you the boxes their Gateway computers were delivered in.

  • For get well cards for your choir members (especially children) check out the Hallmark card no. 0987-7; the outside has a picture of a brown cow with the phrase, "How Now?"; on the inside, it says "Better I hope!" Go to your local Hallmark store and order several from their catalog!

  • Soon we will be offering some of the above items in our "store." Keep an eye out for the "GRAND OPENING" of the store... it will be on the home page... like your Hometown Pharmacy!!!



Choir Promotion Sign - Just add YOUR information


"Enterprise of Praise" Campaign (logo) (Poster)




Greeting Card (new)


Got Talent? Poster


Labels - for music folders, etc. Change the church name and print on Avery 5163


Mailer - Change the return address, add your information, and it's ready to mail!


Stationery - Add your church's name, your name and info, and run off your new stationery!


Cow Art - These images are collected from the MS Clip Art Gallery. These are available to you already if you have MS Word; we've simply collected a few for you. Feel free to find others in other clip art resources you have available.


Attendance Chart

Add names and dates; apply cow stickers to record rehearsal attendance.





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