For Our Retreats, each participant will be provided with a workbook for the event. Much of this material will be designed just for your group.


There is no set price for our retreats. We'll work with you in order to make this happen at your place.


For overnight retreats, we typically follow this format:

  • Evening - Beginning with dinner and fellowship, followed by a 3-hour block of time ending with a time of corporate worship

  • Morning - Breakfast, a 3-hour block of time, light lunch

  • Afternoon - A 2-hour session concluding with corporate worship

This is a typical schedule for the one-day retreat:

  • Morning - Breakfast and fellowship followed by a 3-hour block of time

  • Afternoon - Lunch, corporate worship, 3-hour block of time

  • Evening - Dinner, two-hour block of time concluding with corporate worship

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"We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and privacy,

and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship."

[C. S. Lewis]


At an Orizone retreat, the participants are encouraged in their personal prayer life using lengthy times of silence, directed Bible study, sacred song and the sharing of bread and cup... all designed to re-instate a sense of closeness between the believer and their Redeemer.


It's simple, it's quiet, it's effective.


We developed Orizone from "orison," a word for prayer which deals more specifically with reverent prayer. We have created zones -- prayer places -- for our participants to open themselves up more fully to their Creator through personal times of praise, seeking forgiveness, expressions of thanks, and opportunity for recommitment.


The approach is uniquely Christian. We try to avoid denominational dogma while staying as true to the Word of God as possible in our planning and execution of each retreat.


The Orizone retreat can be carried out with a few or many. 10-25 is ideal.


This one is definitely designed for an overnight retreat; the format and content can be adjusted to adapt to the group (women, men, couples, deacons/elders, college, choirs, etc.). In fact, due to my music background, we have one especially designed for singers.


A one-day format can be used, but the more time provided on the schedule, the more we can accomplish -- particularly with the times of silence which are pivotal to our approach.

While we much prefer to conduct these retreats at retreat centers, we can do them at the church.


You will also receive materials to continue an on-gong Orizone approach when you return to your local congregation.






Want to introduce your


people to a biblically-based,


 practical look at worship?


Now's your opportunity.


Using Scripture, church history, literature, art and music, Worthy can be staged as a Retreat, Workshop, Seminar, or Conference. I can adjust the material for a two-hour seminar or a two-day retreat.


Worship-planning has long been my passion, and now I've developed some of that into material to help lay-people better understand what worship is and why we are CALLED TO WORSHIP.


This is not a heavy-duty boring seminar. While there are plenty of phacts and philosophies, there's also a good bit of humor involved. Participants will be challenged to understand what we do in worship (especially corporate worship) and to become more effective worshipers.


I try to stay away from worship styles or music preferences. Whatever the style or music-usage, the principles of approaching the throne of Almighty God in worship are the same. Admittedly, I am a traditionalist when it comes to worship planning and execution; I un-apologetically prefer the great hymns and anthems of the church. However, I understand that those are simply means to the ultimate end: genuine worship. So I set out to keep that at the forefront of these conferences.


In fact, in most cases, I can skew this material toward the way you worship at your place. That seems to be the best way to communicate with the weekly worshiper.


Worthy works for a variety of groups from church staff, to choirs, Sunday School classes, deacon/elder groups... even college students.


Each participant will be provided with a workbook for the Worthy event. Much of this material will be designed just for your group.



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