Ronald George


Pigeon Forge



R. G. Huff is taking his life on the road!


For years I have been telling these funny stories from my growing up experience in (what was then) a small East Tennessee village... and how those events have shaped who I am and what I do today! Going to high school with Dolly Parton may be my only claim to fame, but it sure spices up my stories! Some fun experiences along the way and my 41 years in local church ministry have also given me lots of material.


After having done my "stand-up routine" for several groups, I've decided to do more of it.


By the way, I'm cheap... in a monetary sense, of course!


Most of my gigs so far have been with adult groups... especially senior adults and choirs; they seem to get my humor!




To Check Dates or Further Information:

Phone: 214/399-4052





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