“As in the Past, So in the Future”



A 4-stanza hymn for use any time, but particularly for a church anniversary or the dedication of a new building.

Set to the LAUDA ANIMA (Andrews) tune with liberties taken. The LAUDA ANIMA (Andrews) tune is achieved by way of many slurs.
This text is, accomplished by removing the slurs from the original tune and assigning one word or syllable to each note. For hymn purists, this is a “no no” practice; to those people I apologize… but gladly offer this text against Andrews’ wonderful, soaring melody.


As in the past, our God has led us,
So in the future God’s hand will guide,
Cheering us onward, granting courage,
Always above us, yet at our side.
May we mirror true holiness,
Demonstrate Christ in openness.
May God through us be glorified.

Here by God’s timing we’ve been planted.
It is God’s will that we flourish here,
Teaching the Word with understanding,
Bringing the kingdom of heaven near.
May this be a redeeming place,
As we move at a steady pace.
Let us walk by faith and not fear.

May all our music lifted upward
Be not for us, but for God alone.
By our behavior in our mission,
May Christ be seen and his mercy shown.
May we follow God’s leadership,
Take our cues from God’s fingertips,
By our witness making Christ known.

Be with us, Lord, in each endeavor.
Help us move forward to seize the prize.
When faith burns low, grant your provision.
Urge us to act before vision dies.
May we trust your amazing grace
As we run our appointed race.
Lord, be ever before our eyes.

Lord, be ever before our eyes.

Text: R. G. Huff
© 2019 WorshipRx


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