“Autograph of Grace” – Hymn for Holy Week



This text set to the PASSION CHORALE tune (“O Sacred Head Now Wounded”) brings a new wording to our experience of looking at the cross, especially during Holy Week. Drawing a picture of the crucifixion event, “Autograph of Grace” will give your worshipers a fresh opportunity to approach the Old Rugged Cross with new expressions of grief and gratitude.

Included in this purchase packet:

  • License to print as many copies as you need for your local church/organization and mechanical permissions for broadcast and streaming
  • Unison pdf for congregational use
  • 4-part pdf hymn setting for choir and accompanist
  • A words-only pdf

You are welcome to use the text without purchasing the pdf settings designed to make it easier to include the hymn in your order of worship and for the choir/accompanist to have a clear copy.



There hangs the Prince of Heaven above the gawking crowd.

Berated and mistreated, in pain his head is bowed.

The bruises on his body, thorn-gashes on his face.

The stripes and scars have written the autograph of grace.


With weakened arms extended, into his hands the nails.

Across his back the scourge-marks; his steady breathing fails.

He cries out, “It is finished!” as darkness fill the space.

Accepting death, he’s written the autograph of grace.


A legacy of mercy secured on our behalf.

Consistent, everlasting, this sacred autograph.

Indelible, eternal! No power can erase

The signature deep-written, the autograph of grace.


Text: R. G. Huff

© WorshipRx


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