“Carrying His Own Cross” – Hymn for Lent/Holy Week



“Carrying His Own Cross” is a four-stanza hymn set to the WYE VALLEY tune abridged (meaning there is no refrain).

The opening line “Carrying his own cross, Jesus Christ went out” acts as a refrain; it just happens to open each stanza instead of close each one.

This text tries to draw a picture of the events of the trip from the judgement hall to the cross; stanza 3 even picks up the back-reference to Barabbas’ guilt over against Jesus’ innocence.

The D.S. after stanza 4 pulls all the other stanzas together to get at Christ’s reason for his determination.

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You are welcome to use the text without purchasing the pdf settings designed to make it easier to include the hymn in your order of worship and for the choir/accompanist to have a clear copy.


“Carrying His Own Cross”

Carrying his own cross, Jesus Christ went out,

Headed for Golgotha on his final route.

Crossbar on his shoulders, bent beneath the weight,

Struggling, yet determined to fulfill his fate.


Carrying his own cross, Jesus Christ went out.

His the higher calling, his the cause devout.

Sweat drops on his forehead, blood drips from his brow.

Still he trudges forward; none could stop him now.


Carrying his own cross, Jesus Christ went out.

Should have been Barabbas, him to sin sold out.

Son of insurrection, rebel among men.

In his place walks Jesus for another’s sin.


Carrying his own cross, Jesus Christ went out.

By the whips and lashes, body worn out now.

On his head the thorn-crown, soon a deep-pierced side.

Still his life he offers, spreads his arms out wide.


He accepts the nails, the vinegar, the gall.

Carrying his own cross, Christ would save us all.


Text: R. G. Huff

© 2018 WorshipRx


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