Extend Your Healing Hand


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This Congregational Hymn for Healing has four stanzas set to a less-familiar J. Parry tune DINBYCH. It is easily-learned and comfortably sung. It was originally in C-minor; we have set it here in C-Major and have used only the first 8 of 16 measures of the tune. Listen to the hymn below.

This includes:

  • An SATB setting for choir and accompanists
  • A unison setting for congregation
  • A text-only version
  • Permissions for print, recording and streaming.


Extend your healing hand,

apply your tender touch

to all whose frame is filled with pain,

who need you, Christ, so much.


With cancer and disease,

of failing heart and lung,

from injury and accident,

relieve both old and young.


First, Lord, we turn to you –

not as a last resort.

Give those whose hope is fading fast

your strengthening support.


As once in Galilee

you stooped to raise and heal,

all health improve, all peace restore.

O let this be your will.



R. G. Huff

© 2022 by WorshipRx


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