“Hallelujah” from THE MOUNT OF OLIVES (Beethoven) – SATB



The text for this classic sacred piece has been altered to make it more usable in a non-sacred setting (e.g. public school, state university, etc.). Direct references to God and Christ have been removed; it is still, however, appropriate for use in worship. See the refreshed text below.

Provided here is the keyboard introduction followed by a keyboard reduction for rehearsal purposes. For performance, the accompanist will need to use the full score from the G. Schirmer. We felt like the reduction would be more helpful in most rehearsal situations. The notes and harmonies match all the major published scores of this chorus; only the texts have been adjusted.

Full Score: SATB on separate staves with keyboard reduction.

Choral Score: SATB on separate staves without accompaniment.



Hallelujah! Sing aloud your songs of praise!

Sing for joy! Sing forth your songs of praise. your songs of joy!

All, join in the mighty chorus. Hallelujah! Sing for joy!

Sing for joy! Sing praise in songs of joy!


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