“Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled So”



Based from the John 14 passage, this 3-stanza hymn to the O WALY WALY (GIFT OF LOVE) tune is appropriate for any service, but is especially good for memorial services/funerals.

The packet includes:

  • An SATB hymn setting for choir and accompanist
  • A unison setting for congregation
  • A text-only version.

 Also see READING from John 14 (free download)


“Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled So”

L.M. ( –

Suggested Tune: GIFT OF LOVE (O WALY WALY)


Let not your hearts be troubled so.

Believe in God. Believe in me.

I go prepare a place for you,

That where I am, you too may be.


And if I go prepare a place,

I will return to take you there.

My Father’s house has many rooms;

There’s plenty room within his care.


I am the way, the truth, the life.

By me salvation comes to you.

Through me the Father is made known.

If you know me, you know him too.


R. G. Huff

© 2018 WorshipRx


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