“On This Easter Morning Singing” – Hymn



“On This Easter Morning Singing” is a 3-stanza hymn for Resurrection Day Worship set to the familiar Welsh tune AR HYD Y NOS (All through the night). Because it’s musical form is AABA, the repetitions of the A section make it easy to learn and/or sing.

The first, second and fourth score of each stanza ends with the same declaration: “Christ is alive!”… each time set to the same notes in the melody and the supporting parts.

Included in this purchase packet:

  • License to print as many copies as you need for your local church/organization
  • Unison pdf for congregational use
  • 4-part hymn setting (pdf) for choir and accompanist in F
    • 4-part hymn setting (pdf) for choir and accompanist in G
  • A words-only pdf.

You are welcome to use the text without purchasing the pdf settings designed to make it easier to include the hymn in your order of worship and for the choir/accompanist to have a clear copy.


On this Easter morning singing, “Christ is alive!”

News of resurrection bringing: “Christ is alive!”

Christ is risen! Christ is risen!

Bursting forth from death’s dark prison.

Now to be our full provision “Christ is alive!”


God’s own Son is now victorious. “Christ is alive!”

Breaking down death’s gate before us. “Christ is alive!”

See the heavy stone is moving.

Surely this is God’s own doing,

By the Son agape proving. “Christ is alive!”


Come, believers, to the garden. “Christ is alive!”

Celebrate redemption’s pardon. “Christ is alive!”

On the cross for others dying,

In the tomb for two nights lying,

On this morning death defying. “Christ is alive!”


Text: R. G. Huff

© 2020 WorshipRx


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