“This We Believe” – A Hymn for Easter



“This We Believe” is a new hymn for Easter using the familiar DUKE STREET tune which has been altered, removing the slurs from the first four measures… making the metrical form Hymn purists may have a problem with this, but I think you’ll find it sings easily with your choir and congregation; they’ll never miss the slurs!

The hymn in D has four stanzas and a 4-measure optional ending.

Included in the purchase packet:

  • License to print as many copies as you need for your local church/organization
  • Unison pdf for congregational use
  • 4-part hymn setting (pdf) for choir and accompanist
  • Each include the optional ending.
  • A words-only pdf.

You are welcome to use the text without purchasing the pdf settings designed to make it easier to include the hymn in your order of worship and for the choir/accompanist to have a clear copy. 


This we believe: Christ is risen indeed!

No more his wounds and punctures bleed.

Gone are the nails, the cross, the thorn.

Christ is alive this Easter morn!

Heavy the pain. The Messiah had died:

On Calv’ry’s rock was cru-ci-fied.

Mourners had gathered, tears were shed:

But now is Christ ris’n from the dead.

See how he stands resurrected this day:

Jesus the truth, the life, the way,

Ready to welcome all who come,

Come now to greet the Risen Son.

Armed with conviction we no longer doubt.

From skepticism, faith breaks out.

Firm in this truth we shall not grieve.

Christ is alive! This we believe!

Christ is alive! This we believe!

Text: R. G. Huff

© 2018 by WorshipRx


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